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Exciting News! Proudly participating in Tawny Trails Events the last Sunday of every month

We would like to share with you some of the finer points of our artists and their art. Learn about their passions, motivation and unique aspects to their styles and techniques. Indulge in our arts community and in doing so become part of the family.

It is recommended that you view the artists profile pages on the computer screen to get the full impact of the very generous artwork image size. 

Blue artwork by Kate Moore

Katherine Moore

I prefer an instinctive, unplanned approach to creating my works. I believe this results in less predictable outcomes, which give my work more personality, distinction and individuality.

Seaside painting by Jan Chapman

Jan Chapman

Jan's artistic aim is to continue to create paintings from the landscape and her imagination that captures her vision of the spirit and beauty of nature.

Hellebore's by Sandra Nichols

Sandra Nichols

Sandra has always had flair in the arts and craft area since her work with Seven Oaks at Fig Tree Pocket in Brisbane

The Sport of Racing by Majelle Holton

Majella Holton

Majella’s belief is that art lifts the human spirit and has many healing qualities.

Evening mist by Ian Jones

Ian Jones

"These days I view the process of painting as a constant state of decision making and correction. The hard part is to know when to make the decision to stop correcting."

Seriously by Danielle Latta

Danielle B Latta

Largely my artwork is for entertainment, expression and to stimulate the imagination. For that light-hearted place in your soul just when you need it.

HomePage 1

Trudy Brooks

She loves the fact the watercolour paint appears to have a mind of its own which the artist can utilize to enhance the creativity of the work.

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Cheryl Srodzinski

Clay is my main love but I also paint with acrylics and am passionate about 'upcycling' discarded items to make new and beautiful things.

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Alexandra Dalmau

Alex looks to the local area for inspiration to paint landscapes, both natural and the built environment.

HomePage 6

Yvonne Mothersole

Hi, I love the natural world and I include designs from nature in my art practice

Christina Walker

"I feel compelled to share my experiences: everything deserves a second glance, life is too precious to ignore or waste"

HomePage 8

Wendy Shelmerdine

"She loves the control that oils allow her, but is captivated by the way watercolour takes charge and leads her into the abstract.."

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Jeanette Hides


HomePage 10

Pete & Lou Smit


Clay Aboriginal artwork by Di Joyner

Di Joyner

I am passionate about animals and an Africa tragic. I do not have any specific medium or style as yet. Love painting and learning new things, at the moment being free form clay

Segment of the artwork Mordechai by Christa Coetzee

Christa Coetzee

"My work is mostly segments of semi-recognizable reality, feelings coated with bitter and sweet emotions.”

HomePage 11

Libby North

"The journey itself brings joy and feeds the soul.Loving the process, getting lost in the creation both physically and emotionally and inviting the beholder to get lost for a few moments...I Love That!"

Segment of artwork by Sharon Harper-Green

Sharon Harper-Greentree

"Viewing the growing tree, through naturally occurring slippages and weathering, intrigues and suggests the otherness of landscape, the unseen boulders, root systems, layers of strata rocks and debris."

HomePage 12

Bruce Mercer

Artistically there is no ultimate goal.... if perfection is ever achieved then my artistic journey is over for me. My journey is more important than the finished goal.

Orangutan artwork by Jane Z

Jane Z

My paintings are an emotional journey that is always a part of me…… long after the art work has been sold or put away in a cupboard unframed. Painting is a part of my soul.

Abstract digital artwork by John Chapman

John Chapman

"We pass by a lot of things in life. But if you pause, there may be more".

Still Life artwork by Joan Gerry

Joan Gerry

Joan studied art under the well known artist Pia Tareen for 9 years and a further 7 years with artist Dale March.

Colourful Abstract artwork

Yuliana Kusumastuti

I use warm tones, bright and dark, up and downs lines, contrast colours, as we experienced in our life, all the achievements, and also the failure

HomePage 14

Michelle Newby

I have my own home studio, which has been lovingly named ‘The Chook House’ by my family as I am often in it early in the morning and don’t come out until the sun is setting!


Page top artwork by Trudy Brooks

A destination that is a little bit special!

Looking for a day out to remember? Just 49min from Brisbane you will find the town of Dayboro with all the charm of the yesteryear, but with a present-day vibe and uniqueness overflowing. From the scenic drive through lush green pastures and mesmerizing mountains you are instantly taken to another world of peace, tranquility, culture, health and well-being.

With the Dayboro Art Gallery as the hub of your cultural exploration it offers you a unique experience rarely found in many galleries, as it is run by the artists themselves. You have the opportunity to meet and greet, and be inspired by a different artist every day of the week. With a massive cross section of artworks covering most styles and genres your personal tastes will be challenged and expanded.  Being a not-for profit Gallery, the pricing is such that there is something for everyone, and at a quality on par with many a city gallery.

We have many award-winning artists works displayed on our walls, but it’s not just about the gallery, it’s the experience.  To walk the full length of  town is a leisurely short stroll at the most. However, with the massive old figs cushioning your view at one end over the stately Crown Hotel and the renowned living art of Entangle at the other end you owe yourself the stroll.

Enjoy the numerous cafes, each offering something worldly different to the other from high teas and book nooks to gluten-free and vegan. Not to mention antiques, old-style lolly & icecream shop,  historical building trail, craft and gift shops.

We even have the boys covered, as besides the Historical Hotel, why not get a unique snip and cut-throat face shaves at Dirty Hairy’s Barber Saloon with hot towel and if you’re lucky a cold beer thrown in.

If you’re having way too much fun to head back yet and haven’t had the chance to do the rain forest walk and fresh rockpool swim up the mountains why not stay the night. Among your mountain ACCOMMODATION choices is a walk with the llamas at Dayboro Cottages and wine and dine at the award-winning Ocean View Estate Winery just up the road.

After your restful slumber in nature, come back down and collect your selected piece of memorable artwork from the gallery, lovingly wrapped and ready to go. Hope to see you sometime soon,