The Dayboro Art Gallery is buzzing with activity.

Artist standing beside her winning Portrait with a vibrant orange background

The Dayboro Art Gallery is buzzing with activity. Many artists are involved in the preparations for the highly anticipated and fast-approaching Dayboro Day on 26th May! Our town and surrounding areas come alive with excitement and celebration. Dayboro Day brings huge numbers to Dayboro and to the art gallery and local cafes. When visiting the … Read more

Figurines and Objects, at Dayboro Art Gallery

Three clay figurines including a pumpkin hat, crow and flower vase

Figurines and Objects, at Dayboro Art Gallery The Dayboro Art Gallery has a large cross-selection of artworks in many styles and mediums. If you are looking for something quirky, come in and view Di Joyner’s adorable figurines and objects, hand-built from clay. If chooks are your thing, then fall in love with ‘personality plus’ chickens … Read more

Extention completion

Extention completion 1

Gallery Extension Completed It is with great pleasure we announce the completion of our new gallery extension. This means we now have a storage room and a secure location to hold large artworks when needed and a place for our much-missed kiln. Increasing the Dayboro Art Galleries’ ability to run smoothly and more efficiently. Shelving … Read more

Artist in Spotlight: Di Joyner

Artist in Spotlight: Di Joyner 5

Who are you, and what do you do? I am basically retired and am lucky to have close family with two lovely grandsons who keep me busy. I’m also a voluntary secretary and still do some cattle research. What has been your most influencing experience?My most influencing life experiences are all associated with animals and … Read more

Art Prize Finalist

Art Prize Finalist 6

  Congratulations to our gallery member Christina Walker being a finalist of the Artlovers Australia Art prize 2022. The winners will be announced at the start of February. Good luck and all the best.