Bruce Mercer

Bruce Mercer

Pyrography – produced by action of fire or with my work ‘heat’ by burning onto wood panels for Line – Texture – Roundness – Depth. The process is applied by a controlled heat application by a handheld electronic pencil wand.

Greek words : 

Pyr means heat or fire, Graphos for writing/design

I completed 4years at the Technical College George a commercial artist (1968)

As I’m now retired I devote to my art and craft full-time

To The Waterhole artwork by Bruce Mercer

Born in Brisbane in 1942

Starting on concrete paths with charcoal from my  mums laundry copper after  wash  day, drawing on all the  pathways. In my teenage years, it took a course at the technical college down George street.

I studied commercial art for 4 years. Work at Allen & Stark in Queen Street and later at McWirther  in Fortitude Valley as  a window  dresser  and  display artist. I have also sold  artwork for book illustrations.

15 Zeberas carved artwork by Bruce Mercer

I enjoy working  with acrylics and oils, I also work with other mediums as well. ‘Pyrography’ My inspiration is from man made structures, nature, wild life ,sunset skies, light and shadows.

If I can visualize, walking into my subjects I have the feeling of my artwork completed.

Artistically there is no ultimate goal…. if perfection is ever achieved then my artistic journey is over for me.

My journey is more important than the finished goal.