Christa Coetzee

artist Christa Coetzee

I have replaced the alphabet with syllables of colour on many canvases using anything from a pallet knife to my bare hands.

My work is mostly segments of semi-recognizable reality, feelings coated with bitter and sweet emotions. Dipping into the vast space of our universal image language.

Christa Coetzee 1

I love to enhance mood with the subtle application of gilding, it adds richness to almost any medium. However acrylics, charcoal and hand made cola pens are the comfortable companions to journey most of my works into existence, with energetic movement andsudden boldness.

Tree artwork by Christa Coetzee

This language that I portray on your walls speaks a thousand words of gratitude. Your support pollinates my passion to paint. If it were not for you, my creative language would become extinct in this virtual world of 1110011000110’s

Christa Coetzee 2