Christina Walker

Christina Walker 1

I was born in a small town in Germany and live now in an equally small town in Queensland, Australia. In-between I managed a Bed and Breakfast in France where I met lots of interesting people.

Influenced by living in different countries and by extensive traveling, overcoming adversity and uncertainty, I feel compelled to share my experiences: everything deserves a second glance, life is too precious to ignore or waste. Thus nature, people, animals, and the space we as humans occupy in the world are prominent in my art.

Christina Walker 2

As diverse as my interests are the materials, I use to express myself: charcoal with pastels, acrylic and pens, inks with collage and monoprints. I am a mixed media artist.

Christina Walker 3

I like to work in a series. My latest are “Fernweh” (exploring imaginary and real landscapes) and “finding it” (following my intuition in finding “things” on my canvas) .

Both can be seen at the gallery. Enjoy!

Christina Walker 4