Danielle B Latta

Artist Danielle B Latta

Largely my artwork is for entertainment, expression and to stimulate the imagination. For that light-hearted place in your soul just when you need it. I have been a creative since I could pick up a pencil and brush, an artist since my first portrait sale in 1988.

Danielle Latta 1

I work under the name of Running duck Studio (rds.ink) and most works have a strong Australian theme present. Works in Ink and brush are about fun, in its simplest form. Starting with only a basic idea (sometimes none) the free will of the ink as it splashes almost with its own agenda, shapes the artwork into something with a sense of freedom and emotion. These artworks have a whimsical, playful feel but most have a hint of cartoon from my years drawing for Walt Disney.

I am Not Here by Danielle Latta

With my whimsical ink works I try and capture the special moments from everyday life like a little boy stealing his first kiss, and connections between animals and humans. Wildlife is also readily featured using the sweeping ink to bring movement and emotion into the works, though more detailed than my whimsical works it still displays elements of cartoon, keeping the light-hearted feel.

Danielle Latta 2