Ian Jones

My interest in painting started at high school when, at the age of twelve, one of my art class works was published in the annual edition of the high school magazine.

I started painting as a hobby in 1982 after attending a one semester Technical College course, part time. My main topic of interest has always been landscapes, impressions and representations, for both historic and present scenes. I use oil as my main painting medium, but now I often use acrylics, to speed the oil painting process.

Scrubby Patch by Ian Jones

Recently I have painted abstracts, although not as my focus. Painting abstracts has loosened my paint application techniques and increased my appreciation of the use of colour, while improving the composition of my paintings. I have also presented some watercolours.

I no longer worry about making mistakes, since I am now more confident about correcting them. These days I view the process of painting as a constant state of decision making and correction. The hard part is to know when to make the decision to stop correcting. Oil paints are quite forgiving. This state of mind has allowed me to relax while I am painting and to produce better results. However, I am usually very tired after these painting sessions. The more I learn the more I realise how little I know.

I hope my paintings at the gallery contribute to the enjoyment of your visit.