Katherine Moore

painting by Kate Moore

I have been painting for over 20yrs. I have continuously been developing my Practice through courses and workshops at Brisbane Institute of Art, McGregor Summer School, TAFE and others. The scope and range of my learning experiences has been broad and varied, as have the Tutors. My goal has always been to retain an individual style, to create works that are distinctly mine. What keeps me interested is “what happens next ?”  Like life, I  expect growth and change in my art

Abstract painting

My style has been described as “bold”, “colourful”, “rustic”, “rhythmic”.

I prefer an instinctive, unplanned approach to creating my works. I believe this results in less predictable outcomes, which give my work more personality, distinction and individuality. This approach does have it’s challenges. I often have to start again, or completely discard the work. I am my greatest critic. If I am not happy with the work it does not leave my workspace.

Katherine Moore 1

Colour, rhythm and texture are key aspects of my works, things I pay attention to, to give my work balance and harmony. I aim to make each piece a fresh journey, never the same as the last. Whilst I start with a subject matter, it is just that, a starting point. My goal is not to be representational, but to be creative.

Painting of people