Majella Holton

Artist Majella Holton

Majella Holton BA-Psych, Dip Visual Arts

Visual Artist, Majella Holton, enjoys painting in various mediums and subject matters. She is currently studying Visual Arts and Literature at the Australian Catholic University, and completing a Bachelor of Creative Arts. Earlier this year, the university chose Majella, with a group of students from around Australia, to travel to Rome and as part of this program visited the Communiti Di Sant’Edgio Disability Art centre, which was very inspirational.

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Impressionist artist Claude Monet, post-modern artist Pablo Picasso, and Australian portrait artists Ben Quilty and Sir William Dargie, have inspired Majella. Photography has also been a life-long interest, often using the subject matter from her travels, to create art. With a love of the history, Majella also likes to embellish old found items such as milk urns and antique saws, with historic scenes of a by-gone era. Commissions are taken through the Dayboro Art Gallery.

Majella’s belief is that art lifts the human spirit and has many healing qualities. Perhaps the most engaging union between artist and the viewer is allowing those looking upon the artwork, to find their own interpretation and hopefully the art encapsulates the viewer and touches some inner feeling, brings back memories, or just makes you happy.

 As a member of the Dayboro Art Gallery, Majella enjoys the opportunity of exhibiting her artworks with many other established artists of the Moreton Bay region and Dayboro community. This like-minded group of artists show a comrade which supports each other and welcomes the community to step into the world of fine arts and perhaps purchase your own piece of art, at minimal costs.

 PS We are also happy to give you tips in your own artistic pursuits! Come visit us at the gallery.