Michelle Newby

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I have always been creative but my interest in painting ignited in high school where I had a fabulous art teacher.  His inspirational lessons have stayed with me as I continue to produce artworks into my adult life. 

I returned to my passion for art after more seriously in my adult life by completing a Diploma of Visual Arts part time while raising my children and working part time. 

During this course, my love of creating artworks grew and expanded to using many different mediums – with painting with acrylics being my medium of choice at the time along with clay sculpture. 

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I continued to create works for my family and friends while working as a Paediatric Speech Pathologist until recently when I decided it was time to focus more on my passion. 

I retired from my profession and now create art full time! This change has seen me continue learning, in the form of new techniques, new mediums and also increasing my knowledge with the business side of working as an artist. 

Each year brings new goals and aspirations for where I would like my art to take me and I truly look forward to every day that I get to live my dream creating beautiful representations of life!

Currently, I work with mixed mediums – Watercolour, ink and pencil but I do still like to experiment with other mediums especially creating sculptures in clay.

I am an impressionist painter and my topic ideas come from nature around me. I am very lucky to live in Dayboro as every day I get to view such beautiful scenery and wildlife that is a constant source of inspiring stimulus.

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My social media handle is ‘The Impatient Artist’ – this came about because when I paint, I paint feverishly, I am messy and really enjoy the experience of each painting – I am not one to stop and go back to a painting too often. I work on it intently from start to finish most times.

I have my own home studio, which has been lovingly named ‘The Chook House’ by my family as I am often in it early in the morning and don’t come out until the sun is setting!

I am often asked to do commissions but you will find most of my work in The Dayboro Art Gallery which I very grateful to be part of. 

I hope you enjoy my artwork as much as I have enjoyed creating it!

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