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Abstraction in my work is a space I use to explore and discover the meanings that exist beneath colours and shapes, not only in composition but the message they can convey.

I use warm tones, bright and dark, up and downs lines, contrast colours, as we experienced in our life, all the achievements, and also the failure. We are living in the present time, but we are always still connected with our past and curious what will happen in the future.

I also use mixed media in making art, from fabric to found objects.

I accept commission work.


Colourful abstract artwork

Born in Indonesia, my passion in arts started as a young journalist writing about art and culture, I later continued my interest through study in arts. I hold an honour and master’s degree in visual and creative arts. And only about five years ago, I found myself practising drawing and painting on the weekends.

I have an extensive exhibition -group and solo- in many places, in Australia and aboard. 2022 is one of my proudest year when my painting was selected as one of finalists for Moreton Bay Art Award.


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Yuliana Kusumastuti

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